PointClickCare Integration

Note: The PointClickCare integration is subject to a monthly fee. Please reach out to your account manager if you have questions.


  1. Send an email to Enquire Support at support@enquiresolutions.com or your account manager letting them know you would like to integrate with PointClickCare.
  2. Enquire will send a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) for you to sign.
  3. Determine if you would like to activate the integration for all of your facilities or specific facilities.
  4. Once your PointClickCare representative receives the completed LOA from you, they will begin the activation process.
  5. The integration is activated within 5 business days and you will receive an automated email with the list of facilities now set up with the integration.
  6. Enquire will work with you and PointClickCare to ensure the below fields are setup and mapped correctly.


Enquire's integration with PointClickCare allows you quickly and easily send individuals from Enquire to PointClickCare. Enquire can send a profile to PointClickCare with the following fields and their values:

  First Name   Last Name   Middle Name   Date of Birth
  Gender   Health Card Number   Medicare Number   Medicaid Number

Send an Individual to PointClickCare

In the upper right section of the profile, click the blue button labeled PointClickCare. This will send the individual to PointClickCare with the above fields and their values.

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