How are DNI Groups Matched in Enquire MAP?

How are DNI Groups Matched in Enquire MAP?

What is DNI? Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is created for marketers, business owners, marketing agencies and anyone else who uses a website as a marketing tool. DNI enables accurate tracking and recording of specific data relating to incoming phone calls that are initiated by a visit to the website.    

Benefits to Using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)  

  1. Having the ability to track in real-time and very specifically, the number of incoming phone calls generated by a specific visit to the website.I.E, the community marketing efforts are more accurately tracked and measured.
  2. Having the ability to automatically collect specific data such as identifying the caller. I.E, the data collected identifies the prospect's name who visits the website, which landing pages that were visited, and the location they are viewing. In turn, this data can further assist in identifying best served market initiatives to help derive better results that in turn increase sales.  

How (DNI) Dynamic Number Insertion works 

Enquire MAP provides the:

  • ability to register a pool of telephone numbers
  • the quantity of telephone numbers in the pool depends on the amount of traffic incurred with each visit to the website.

On average, small business websites typically need three telephone numbers. Once the pool of telephone numbers are identified, the telephone numbers are added to Enquire MAP, then will be displayed on the website. 

Afterwards, a prospect visits the community website and the associated telephone number will dynamically change to be associated with the website visit/instance. In turn, the prospect calls the telephone number listed (one of the assigned DNI numbers.)

Two things are likely to occur: 

  • The prospect is automatically forwarded to the number assigned as DNI
  • All of the related, captured data associated with the user is logged into Enquire MAP 

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is not just about recording and reporting on incoming phone calls but offers the ability to target web prospects with focus. Additionally, the Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) assists marketing efforts to send prospects specific messages based on their particular interests as well as provide the community with better understanding of the needs of the potential customer.  

How are the groups matched?  

The Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) within Enquire MAP  is used to dynamically replace static phone numbers on the community website. The base unit of configuration is a DNI Group, and each DNI group is defined by the following:  

  1. Where the numbers will be routed to
  2. One or more numbers on the website that to replace
  3. The set of conditions for replacement
  4. The pool of numbers to be used for replacement  

Step 1: Navigate to Assets then Call Tracking Numbers mceclip0.png

Step 2: Click on the Dynamic Number Insertion tab 


 Step 3: There are tracked Numbers depicted and three of these will be selected 



A DNI pool can replace multiple numbers, and a community can have several DNI groups.  Additionally, the DNI groups in Enquire MAP are processed in order of appearance. For example, if there are three DNI groups, the order of the match is the same order of the groups below:

  1. Group 1 [replaces all numbers based on the rule set and target number configuration of the group].
  2. Group 2 [replaces all numbers based on the Group 2 rule set. If the numbers being replaced are the same as defined in Group 1, the numbers are no longer available to be replaced and this group will do nothing. However, if the numbers to be replaced in Group 2 are different than those specified in Group 1, these numbers will be replaced according to the Group 2 rule set. 

Please Note: Regular expressions are used in the Restrict replacements to visitors on these pages.



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.


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