Roobrik Integration

Roobrik helps patients and families make informed decisions about their care needs. The integration with Enquire creates individuals with their readiness level from Roobrik and a direct link to the Roobrik generated report for the individual.

Note: Reach out to your account manager if you would like to start using Roobrik.


When leads are entered from Roobrik, they will display in the New Leads box on your dashboard with a Created and Assigned user of Roobrik Website. Like other integrations and digital leads, you will need to make sure you reassign the individual so they are removed from the New Leads box.


A form on the individual's profile titled Roobrik Information will have the following fields:

Field Name Description
Roobrik Readiness The individual readiness level from Roobrik.
Roobrik Report URL A direct link to the individual's Roobrik Report.
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