How to Unsubscribe a List of Contacts in Bulk

How to Unsubscribe a List of Contacts in Bulk

It is important to determine whether to create a Segment of contacts to be unsubscribed in bulk or a list of contacts to be unsubscribed in bulk. A list can be Dynamic or Static.

Step 1: Access Enquire MAP to navigate to Contacts then Contact Lists to create a list of contacts via making a new list of people or using a set of people from an existing list (.XLS, .CSV, etc.)


Step 2: Go to All Contacts to Click  All Contacts' drop down to select the target list or segment. Select the contacts unsubscribe in bulk then add them to the new list to save it.


Step 4: Once  the list or segment is selected and used to filter the ‘All contacts’ table, click the CONTACT EXPORTS button.


Step 5: Download the Excel file that you received via email (or click CONTACT EXPORTS again to see a list of all your recent exports to download).


Step 6: In the Excel file change NO to YES in Unsubscribed column.


Step 7: Go to Contacts>Import Contacts. Upload the edited file.


Step 8: Update the map column data for Unsubscribed


Use email as a Lookup column

Step 1: Click START IMPORT button.

When checking Contact Lists, this list of contacts will appear as Unsubscribed.

Why is it recommended to bulk unsubscribe contacts instead of deleting them?

Enquire MAP fully manages the bounced and unsubscribed contacts, and it technically ensures that emails are not sent to unsubscribed contacts.  If unsubscribed contacts have been deleted, Enquire MAP loses ALL collected data on the contact, including the unsubscribed state.  However, it is possible to upload the data again and inadvertently miss the unsubscribed state.  If sending out emails to prospects that have requested to be unsubscribed, this can negatively affect the sending reputation and based on laws in a given country, could result in repercussions such as large fines.

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