Importing a Contact List in Enquire MAP

Importing a Contact List in Enquire MAP

Similar to any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Enquire MAP maintains a master database of contacts in the form of lists are views into the contact database. Similar to social groups, a person can be a member of multiple social groups. Once the group disbands, the person will still exist. Enquire MAP provides the ability to create or delete a single or multiple contact lists without having to create new contacts or delete existing ones. The list is simply a collection of contacts in Enquire MAP.

There are two questions to pose when thinking of lists:

  • How to import contacts?
    • Navigate to Contacts then Import Contacts
    • Select where to import contact from then upload appropriate choice, Click Select File.  The contact import can be done either from a direct CRM connection or from a CSV/XLS/XLSX file.) Once file is uploaded, Enquire MAP will parse through the file and allow the data to be mapped per columns in the file to fields in Enquire MAP.
    • Please Note: Map the contact email address as this is the lookup field in Enquire MAP. Ensure all data mapping is complete then start the import. Do not select import until double-checking all fields to map as you cannot cancel the import at any point. If the import is to be deleted, only created contacts will be removed but not the  contacts that were updated. 



  • How to create lists?
    • Navigate to Contacts then Contact Lists
    • View and Edit existing contact list by clicking the edit (pencil) icon. Rename the new list or click +New Audiencemceclip1.png






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