Inserting Icons into Content Blocks

Inserting Icons into Content Blocks

Font Awesome offers a great collection of icons that Enquire MAP users can use within their landing pages. Specifically, there are scalable vector based icons that can be customized with options to include size, color, drop shadow and other characteristics (See section below.)

Using Font Awesome Icons in Enquire MAP

To insert a Font Awesome icon into text within the community landing page, select the Insert/Edit icon button from the WYSIWYG HTML editor as shown below:

 Available Font Awesome Options

There are several options available when using Font Awesome icons:

  1. Size: The size parameter determines the size of the icon. There are six sizes to choose from:
    1. Normal
    2. Large
    3. Large X2
    4. Large X3
    5. Large X4
    6. Large X5
    7. Examples of the various Icons Available 
      1. Larger Icons
      2. fa-lg   fa-2x   fa-3x   fa-4x   fa-5x
  2. Rotation: The rotation parameter will rotate the icon. The options are:
    1. None
    2. Rotate 90
    3. Rotate 180
    4. Rotate 270
  3. Border: Check the box to apply a border to the icon.
  4. Spin: Select this option to continually spin the icon in a clockwise direction.
  5. Flipped: Select from two options to flip the icon:
    1. Horizontally
    2. Vertically


Various Type Icons

  1. Fixed Width Icons
    1. Home
    2. Library
    3. Applications
    4. Settings 
  2. Bordered and Pulled Icons
    1. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras elementum blandit leo at suscipit. Aenean vehicula placerat dui at luctus. Nam et pharetra augue, sit amet eleifend magna. Sed lectus felis, ultricies vitae ultrices ac, ultricies et dolor.
  3. Spinning Icons  
  4. Rotated & Flipped Icons
    1. normal fa-rotate-90 fa-rotate-180 fa-rotate-270 fa-flip-horizontal icon-flip-vertical
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