How to Remove or Delete an Sub-Agency Account

How to Remove or Delete an Agency Sub Account

As an agency ends a relationship with a client, the sub-agency account needs to be disposed of or deleted. There is a process in place to ensure that the wrong account is not disposed of in error.  Please Note: This process will remove the account from your inventory.


There is a process within Enquire MAP to follow to ensure all measures are taken.

Step 1: Delete ALL call tracking numbers, by accessing Enquire MAP then navigating to Assets then Call Tracking Numbers, click the 'x' by each call tracking number. mceclip0.png

Step 2: Access Enquire MAP then navigate to Administration then Account settings, add the "-DELETE" to the end of the business name in the Account Information area. (i.e: the new account name Acme Inc.  is now Acme Inc.-DELETE 


Step 3: Lastly, email or open a support ticket to request that the support team remove the account to be deleted. The email must be submitted by an employee of the account that has edit privileges for the sub account via the master agency account. If there is an existing call tracking balance in the account, please list which account that the balance transferred to.

Please note: This is a permanent change and all data in the deleted account will be lost.

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