How to Use the Query Builder


How to Use the Query Builder

The Enquire MAP query Builder is very powerful and often used in workflow decisions, dynamic content queries, contact list segregation, and related items.

The User Interface (UI) is designed to simplify the process of creating complex logic. The builder allows for three sets of nested braces. ((())). Additionally, all logic within a group must have the same Boolean operator. There is a choice, AND or OR for a group but cannot be combined (i.e: Filter 1 and Filter 2 and Filter 3). The same rule applies within a block (i.e: Group 1 and Group 2 and Group 3). It is also true for blocks (i.e: Block 1 or Block 2 or Block 3). Moreover, it is not possible to have the following logic,  Filter 1 and Filter 2 or Filter 3, as combining and with or within a logic grouping is not possible.

The query builder is probably the most powerful and most complex aspect of Enquire MAP.

For further information on query builder, please review Query Builder in MAP.

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