How to resolve error emails


Simple Answer: Add an Employee to the Sales Distribution List


Leads are sent to everyone on the Sales Distribution list

Step 1: Go to Dashboard then view Left hand side menu. Click Contacts then click Contact Lists. Next, click the edit feature to the right of Sales Distribution List to see the current contact list if not add new contacts. If there are no contacts in the Sales Distribution list, Support will send an email indicating that there are no leads being sent.


It is important to note that this is an internal list. Only people who are employees of the account cited within the existing list. In the Dashboard, click Administration then Account Settings then Employees to see all contacts in the current Sales Distribution list who receive notifications when a conversion occurs.


Step 2: Steps to Add to the Current Sales Distribution List

  1. Check to verify the contact exists and if not, add the contact as an employee of the account by clicking Administration then Account Settings then under Employees select Add Employee


  2. If the employee is listed, the contact can be edited to reflect any personnel changes within the contact list:

    1. Click the blobid0.png(pencil) icon by the employee contact in the employee list

    2. Click Contact Details tab

    3. Scroll down to Contact Lists

    4. Click Add To List

    5. Select Sales Distribution

Note: If your Sales Distribution List is empty, every time someone fills out a form, your technical contact will get an email stating that an error has occurred

Note: If you are sending leads to an email address that is unsubscribed, you will need to either remove the unsubscribed contact from the list or fix the issue that is causing the lead to be blocked (and hence unsubscribing). 

Depicted in the outgoing email, reason for the email was sent is one of two things:

  • Email was sent to an empty contact list or a contact list that contained "non-employees"

  • Email was sent to an email address that is unsubscribed or one that is invalid


Additionally, the email will refer to the specific workflow that prompted the email, the account which the workflow is in, and the appropriate contact list or email address that caused the error.


In order to set the appropriate sales list or email list for the workflow step to send, go to the specific workflow and edit the individual properties of that workflow step.

For a contact list:


For an email address: (specify the email address under recipient)


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