Embedding a Form on an External Website

Design or Create a Web Form

Web forms can be designed and deployed in Enquire MAP.  To integrate existing web forms with Enquire MAP web forms, follow this process and these steps:

Step 1: To design or create a web form in Enquire MAP, navigate to Assets then Web Forms. Click on + NEW EXTERNAL WEB FORM. Design the Web Form using the drag and drop editor. 


Step 2: If a web form is already created, select the web form from the library and utilize the form editor to provide the option to export the form's html code.


 Step 3: Click on the edit (pencil) and begin to edit the form in the appropriate manner


Embedding The Web Form on a website (Not Using WordPress) 

Enquire MAP's tracking script needs to be used on the website and once the script is loaded on the pages, Enquire MAP web forms can be embedded right on to the website. In the Web Form editor in Enquire MAP you have two options, HTML Export and Short Code Export. 

HTML Export:

With the HTML Export, full control over the css and style of the form on the site is available yet the the ability to 'pre-fill' the form with dynamic content is lost. blobid0.png

Short Code Export:

Using the Short Code export, all styles are done in the form builder and the form is dynamically injected when the page renders.  In both cases, simply click the button and copy/paste html and paste it into the'external' website.blobid1.png


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