Granting Enquire MAP Support Access to the Community Account

Granting Enquire MAP Support Access to the Community Account

Companies that collect data on citizens in European Union (EU) need to comply with strict new rules around protecting customer data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets a new standard for consumer rights regarding their data, but companies will be challenged as they put systems and processes in place to maintain compliance. For more information on GDPR, please review Wikipedia: General Data Protection Act.

What types of privacy data does the GDPR protect?

  • Basic Identity Information (i.e. name, address and ID numbers)
  • Web Data (i.e. location, IP address, cookies and RFID tags)
  • Health and Genetic Information
  • Biometric Data
  • Racial or Ethnic Background Information
  • Political Opinions
  • Sexual Orientation 

To be fully GDPR compliant, the Account Administrators must grant the support team access to the agency account or sub-agency account in the event that they need Enquire Support's help that involves accessing the database, email correspondence or personal contact data. Additionally, Enquire MAP Support will be unable to see any details of the account without having this access. To give Enquire MAP access to the account data for technical support purposes follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration Account Settings > Support Access.mceclip4.png  
  2. Click GRANT ACCESS (4 above). Please note that time periods of granted permission can be set for anyone accessing the account.mceclip6.png
  3. When the access is granted, the name of the person who provided permission to access the account and the expiration date of access is now visible. Revocation of this access can occur at any time.

    A green button GRANT ACCESS appears to provide permission to access. If the access has been cancelled before, it can be granted again by clicking the same button.mceclip7.png 

    A red button REVOKE ACCESS appears to revoke the permission to access before the pre-set expiration date.

Please note: The records of all these operations are kept in your account Administration > Account SettingsSupport Access tab:



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.


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