Setting Up Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)


The Dynamic Number Insertion feature is a great tool for tracking and recording specific data for all incoming phone calls generated by the community website. With DNI the community can automatically collect information about the prospect calling, how they found the website, what pages were visited, their exact location, etc.

The true benefit is providing the community the ability to target web prospects with specificity, send the prospects messages based on their interest levels, and help the community sales team to better understand their potential customer.

To use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) on the community website, the Enquire MAP tracking script must be installed and additionally, the instructions for it can be found here: Installing the Tracking Script.

Creating DNI Pools

To create a pool in Enquire MAP, use the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Assets on left-side menu then click sub-menu item Call Tracking Numbers. Choose the Dynamic Number Insertion tab.

Step 2: Under Default DNI Group, select Edit in the Pool Properties section (see below):


Step 3: Add all phone numbers currently on the community website(s) in the section Phone Numbers to be Replaced and add conditions for replacement. Edit the conditions for replacement (see below): (*Note: DNI pool can replace multiple numbers and you can have several DNI groups.)


Step 4: Edit the Dynamic Number Insertion Pool to the right of the page by clicking ADD TRACKED NUMBER. (*Note: There must be a minimal of 3 numbers per each DNI pool to dynamically replace static phone numbers on your website. Additional existing call tracking number(s) can be added to the account or simply create a new one). Complete step by clicking Accept


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