Confirming that an Email Campaign Went Out

Confirming that an Email Campaign Went Out 


Step 1: If a calendar-based campaign is set up, Enquire MAP will pull from a list of recipients in the campaign to queue them for sending on the specified date/ time send. Things to keep in mind is knowing if the campaign was executed and to which recipients the campaign was sent to.

The easiest way to find out?

This is not a real-time report (the report server tends to lag and delay the actual send of the emails.)

  1.      Go to URL:
  2.      Select Analytics then Reports then Email Campaign Report (See image below)



Step 2: If using list-based drip campaigns, the same applies for finding out where the prospects are using the the Drip Campaign which shows near current status of the prospects and which Wait State they are in.


  1.   Go to URL
  2.   Select Analytics then Reports then Drip Campaign Report. (See Image Above)


Note: In the event there is a delay in emails (A couple of things to verify):

  1. Predictive Send: If you have set up predictive send, "Let Enquire MAP choose the right time" could delay an email being sent by up to 24 hours for a prospect. "Let Enquire MAP choose the right day of the week" could delay an email for a prospect by up to 7 days. There is a campaign dashboard widget that will display the current send status of the list.
  2. Split testing: If you set up split testing on the first email, you have most likely set up a delay rule. Split testing allows you to send to X% of the list and wait for Y hours, then send the winner of the test to the remainder of the list. The right place to look is the email campaign report to see the results of the test at any given time.
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