How to Use Dynamic Fields Within Workflows

How to Use Dynamic Fields Within Workflows

Workflows provide both Decision and Action widgets which will often have configurable parameters. In some cases, the value that is provided can by dynamic. In other words, the value can be based off of variables that are included in a campaign.

For example, an event campaign will have a date defined for the event. In a workflow using a Wait widget versus waiting 6 days, it should be stated "wait 6 days after the event date” and the way to do this is to use a dynamic value.

Some examples of dynamic values include:
%CAMPAIGN.EVENT_DATE% + 45.minutes

Per example above, %CAMPAIGN.EVENT_DATE% is known as a system defined field. In this case, the system defined field is a date value. Only system defined fields that are defined as a date values can be used, and the following formula would be applied:

[date System Defined Field] [+-] [digits].[minutes|hours|days|months|years]

Another example of dynamic field usage is depicted within the image below:



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