The difference between an Account, a Contact, and an Organization


An Account is the object that contains your contact database, your assets, your campaigns,  reports, etc. An Account is tied to a single website domain.. Employees of the Account can have Account Logins to access Enquire MAP.

For a given Account, Enquire MAP has a contact database. In the database are Contacts and Organizations.


A Contact is the Enquire MAP object that contains the meta data, the activity history, etc for a single person with one or more email addresses and/or phone numbers.


The Enquire MAP object that groups Contacts with the relationship Employer::Employee. A Contact is employed by the Organization.

For example, a Contact Bob Smith who works for Acme Inc. Bob is the Contact, Acme is the Organization.  If you have a form on your website, you can have a name field, an email address field, and a company field (among others). If Bob fills out the form:

Bob Smith

Acme Inc.

A Contact would be created in your Account, and an Organization (Acme) would be created. The Organization would have one employee Bob.

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