Account Settings Overview

In your account (Administration->Account Settings), there are several elements that can be set.

See below for an overview of each section and what each field is responsible for.

Account Information

Field Description
Business Name Name of your business. This is referenced directly in your email footer.
Login Link Domain This is the link for logging into your portal.
Login Link Domain This is the set of phrases that are used in Twitter posts that will, if detected, replaced with a hashtag.


Contact Information

Field Description
Website URL This is the authorized URL for the account. This URL is referenced in many places throughout your account.
Default Marketing Reply Email Most templates reference this email address as a default.
Default Number This number is referenced in many places throughout the product. Similar to the Default email address.


Account Setup

Field Description
Primary Sales Contact This is the contact that that will typically be referenced in sales lists.
Primary Marketing Contact This person is referenced in marketing lists.
Technical Contact This person receives all form submit errors.
Spam Configuration URL If you have someone blacklisted (Administration->Spam filtering), when a person fills out a form, they get sent to this confirmation page.
Blocked Confirmation URL If you have blocked an Organization checked the 'block' checkbox on an organization), whenever someone who is an employee of the organization, they will be redirected to this page when they fill out a form.


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