Enquire Analytics Report Changes

The following will be a running list of updates made to reports over time.


Sales and Marketing Analytics

  • New Report - A new Lost Leads report provides brand new insight into lost leads. You'll be able to answer questions like: How many leads were lost this month? Where did they go? and what is the lost lead rate by user?
  • New Calculation - A Re-inquiries calculation has been added to the Detail line and bar graph on the Sales Summary page.Reinquiries.png This calculation is based on the "Reinquiry?" checkbox found when expanding an activity: ReinquiryActivity.png
  • Update - The "Detail" line and bar graph visual on the Market Source page is now displayed by Month and Year.MonthAndYearMarketSourceDetail.png
  • Fix - All day activities will correctly reflect the date visible in Enquire.
  • Fix - Only Active Prospects will appear on the Individual Overview table visual on the Lead Engagement page.

Census Analytics

  • Update - Added Indivividual Type column to Wait List page. This will help you determine Prospects or Residents on your waitlist.
  • Update - Updated the User column on the Wait List page to now reflect the User the individual is assigned to instead of the user that created the Wait List record.
  • Update - Added Lead Score as a column to the Wait List page.
  • Fix - Postal codes will no longer omit leading or trailing zeros.
  • Fix - Links to Guides on the Logic Page now correctly link to YouTube videos.

Activity and People Analytics

  • Update - Updated the definition of Active Prospects to reflect the Sales and Marketing Analytics (Individual Status = Active, Individual Type does not equal Resident, and Lead Score Master does not equal Move In, Lost Lead, or Unqualified).
  • Update - Added Activity Type, Activity Type Master, Activity Resolution, and Activity Resolution Master to the “YTD Completed Activities” User/Community Summary pages as well as the “Overdue & Upcoming” Summary pages. These can be accessed by expanding the filter pane on the right.


Sales and Marketing Analytics

  • Entire Report
    • Added Referring Contact name to drillthrough pages
    • Dynamic titles on visuals to reflect dates that apply to the visual
  • Referral Source
    • Updated calculation to only show activities for prospects that have a referral source associated with them
  • Market Source
    • Added Market Source Master filter to page

Census Analytics

  • Entire Report
    • Dynamic titles on visuals to reflect dates that apply to the visual
  • Availability
    • Added new "Waitlist" calculation
  • Waitlist
    • Added new waitlist report page that provides reporting based on the Waitlist module in Enquire CRM
  • Transactions
    • Updated transactions to correctly filter by location


Sales and Marketing Analytics

  • Entire Report
    • Filters are now sticky and will persist across each page.
    • Added Care level filter
    • Removed (blank) and Training Communities/Locations
  • Lead Engagement
    • Modified Lead Engagement report to default to Active Leads from 1/1/2010 - 12/31/2049
    • Removed "Individuals Engaged" metric - no real value
    • Increased size of Individual Detail visual
    • Limited Engagement Metrics by Lead Score to only the selected metric (Active Prospect, No Next Step, Overdue Activities)
    • Added Lead Score filter
    • Optimization of calculations to increase performance and page load time

Census Analytics

  • Entire Report
    • Filters are now sticky and will persist across each page
    • Fixed bug that prevented communities from being filtered by communities assigned to a user
  • Resident Detail
    • Fixed bug with "Show Only" filter on Resident Detail page
    • Added "Base Monthly Amount" to Resident Detail page
    • Added "Floor Plan" to Resident Detail page


  • Initial Release of Analytics Reports
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