Importing a Contact List

Have a list of contacts that you would like to market to that are not in the CRM? Use the Import Contacts feature of EnquireMAP to easily add them in bulk.

In EnquireMAP, a contact list is a 'view' into the EnquireMAP contact database. Similar to social groups, a person can be a member of multiple social groups, if the group disbands, the person still exists. You can create/delete contact lists and not have to worry about deleting or creating new contacts. The list is just a collection of contacts in EnquireMAP.

Navigating to Import Contact Section

You can access the contact import feature through the left hand menu or directly from the dashboard.

Main Menu Dashboard

Import Source

There a two upload options that can be used: Upload File and Enquire.

Upload File: Use this option to select a file you would like to use for the import. This option supports CSV, XLS, and XSLX filed types.

Enquire: This option should only be used to initiate a initial sync of Contacts from the CRM database. If Contact Syncing is already enabled with the CRM database, you will not need to use this option.

Preview & Data Mapping

Once a file is uploaded, you will need to map the columns within the file to corresponding fields within EnquireMAP.

It is important to map the contact email address as this is a lookup field in EnquireMAP. When you are happy with your preview and data mapping, you will be able to start the import. You can cancel the import at any point, and once it has completed you will have 2 days to confirm and remove it if necessary.

Please note that if you chose to delete an import, it will only remove contacts that were created, not ones that were updated.

Finish & Review

When the mapping has been completed. Click Start Import to import the file into EnquireMAP.

Whenever a file is imported, EnquireMAP creates a list of contacts for this import. You can delete the list or use it in campaigns.

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