Multi-factor authentication sign in

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication is an authentication method that requires more than one set of credentials for verification. This critical layer of security is added to your sign in process to further protect the data you work with in Enquire CRM.

How does MFA work?

In addition to signing in with your email address and password, you will be asked to provide a verification code sent to you via text messaging or to confirm verification from an automated call. This combination of your email address and password and verification code will allow you to sign in to Enquire CRM.

Setting up MFA

Your first sign in to Enquire CRM on or after May 1st, 2020 will require you to setup and enable multi-factor authentication.

  1. Navigate to the Enquire CRM sign in page.
  2. Enter your username and password and click Sign in.
  3. In the Phone Number field, enter a phone number where you can receive text messages, phone calls or both and enter this phone number as only numbers, for example: 2223334444.
    Before choosing a verification method, ensure your phone number is entered correctly. This phone number will be saved for future verification requests.
  4. Click Send Code if you would like to receive your authentication code via text message or click Call Me if you would like to receive your authentication code via an automated phone call.
    • If you choose to receive your code via text message, you will receive a message similar to the following:
    • If you chose to receive a phone call, you will receive an automated call with the following prompt:
      "Thank you for using the Microsoft sign in verification system. Please press the pound (#) key to finish your verification."
  5. Enter the code from the text message or press the pound key (#) to finish the authentication process and sign in.

Using MFA

After the first time setup of multi-factor authentication, each sign in will require verification using your saved phone number after you enter your email address and password. You can verify yourself via a text message by clicking Send Code or an automated phone call by clicking Call Me.



What if I don't receive a code or phone call?

Ensure the phone number you provide is entered correctly during setup. If your phone number is entered correctly and you still aren't receiving a text message or phone call, please send an email to with the phone number you used during your MFA setup.

What should I do if I no longer have access to the phone number I provided?

Send an email to with the phone number you would like to use as your new multi-factor authentication phone number.

What if I entered my phone number incorrectly during my MFA setup?

Send an email to with the phone number you would like to use as your multi-factor authentication phone number.

Can I use more than one phone number with MFA?

Multi-factor authentication allows for only one phone number. We recommend using a phone number that can receive both text messages and phone calls.

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