Campaign Types

Campaign Types: Newsletter, Drip, Generic and Event

Newsletter Campaign

A newsletter campaign is the classic email blast. This type campaign has both a date and time for sending the newsletter out. Additionally, the newsletter is sent out to a specific distribution list of emails defined as the Campaign Audience. This is a targeted Contact List that is built within EnquireMAP.

Drip Campaign

The drip campaign is also known as a "nurture campaign" or a "trigger campaign" where each person who goes through a drip campaign is processed from the initial entry into the campaign via the trigger event to remaining in the campaign until there are no further steps to follow.

A full list of the initial steps and action blocks used in drip campaigns can be viewed here: Workflows: Actions and Decisions Glossary

Generic Campaign

This generic campaign is a newsletter campaign that does not have a send date and time. Social posts can be scheduled in a generic campaign and can send out a newsletter. The big difference between the two is that a generic campaign does not have a specified send date and time plus are typically used to post and track social posts. In contrast. a newsletter campaign does have a specified send date and time, and they are not used to post and track social posts

Event Campaign

The event campaign is a cross between a newsletter campaign and a drip campaign, and it will commonly have multiple steps, each step having a full workflow.


Steps to create one of the different campaign types

Step 1: Access the Dashboard and view the left hand menu item to click on Automation then  Campaigns.   Select and click on specified campaign type. 


Step 2: In the Create Campaign window to open, populate * Campaign Name, * Date of First Email. Select Create


Step 3:  The new campaign will appear in the bottom of the page.


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