CRM: Activity Result Tiering

Activity result tiering allows you to choose what resolutions are displayed based on an activity's master type. This can help ensure better data entry and speed up workflow.

Setting Activity Master Types

You can choose the activity master type when creating a new activity resolution or editing an existing activity resolution.

  1. Click Admin
  2. Click Types
  3. The For These Activity Master Types column will display a multi-select drop down for each activity resolution. Clicking into this drop down will display a list of all 36 activity master types where you can select one or more to display for the specified activity resolution or leave them all unchecked to display All.

Note: If the "For These Activity Master Types" drop down is left unfiltered ("All"), the resolution will display for all activity types.


I have a resolution of Contact Made without any filtering and a resolution of Left Voicemail filtered to only display for activities with a master type of Call Out:


When logging or completing an activity with a master type of Call Out, both Contact Made and Left Voicemail can be selected from the Result drop down:


Using Activity Result Tiering

Activity result tiering will affect the Activity Resolution drop down at the following locations in Enquire:

  • Quick Add form:
  • Log Activity tab:
  • Complete Activity modal:

Note: If you don't see any resolutions for your selected activity type, make sure that activity type has an associated master type. Each activity must have a master type in order for Activity Result Tiering to filter properly.

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