CarePort Health (formerly Allscripts) Integration

Allscripts Integration

The Allscripts integration populates referrals real-time into Enquire CRM.


Step 1: Request and Sign LOA and Facility Mapping

  1. Send an email with your Allscripts account manager requesting a letter of authorization to enable the Enquire and Allscripts integration. On this email, please cc your Enquire account manager.
  2. Once the letter of authorization has been signed, download the Excel document titled EnquireAllscriptsFacilityMapping.xlsx in the "Attachments" section at the bottom of this article. Fill out the Enquire Facilities column and send it to Allscripts. This document must be finalized prior to activating the integration.

Step 2: Enquire Field and Type Mapping

Allscripts will send patients into Enquire with information populated to certain fields. To ensure values are correctly populated with each patient, you may need to add fields to your forms in Enquire. The following table contains the field's label in Allscripts and the Enquire field library and type needed to correctly populate the field from Allscripts:

Allscripts Field Name Enquire Field Library Enquire Field Name
Facility Name Referring Source Source Affiliation
Facility Level of Care* CareID/Preference Care Level
Financial Class* PayMethodId Payment Method
Residence Type CurrentArrangementId Current Arrangement
Hospital Name Market Source Sending Org/Source
Hospital Name Company Account
Primary Diagnosis Comment Primary Diagnosis
DRG Code Medical DRG
DRG Description Medical DRG
Plan Description Call Source Primary Plan Name
Plan Number textinput Primary Plan Number
Group Name textinput Primary Group Number
Primary Insured First Name textinput Primary Insured
Primary Insured Last Name textinput Primary Insured
Secondary Insured First Name textinput Secondary Insured
Secondary Insured Last Name textinput Secondary Insured
Projected Discharge Date textinput Projected Discharge Date
Placement Term textinput Placement Term
Reimbursement textinput Reimbursement
Hosp Patient Type textinput Hospital Patient Type
Hosp Unit textinput Hospital Unit
Hosp Bed textinput Hospital Bed
Mental Status textinput Mental Status
Medications textinput Medications
Equipment textinput Equipment
Functional Limitations textinput Functional Limitations
Height Inches textinput Height
Weight Ounces textinput Weight
Allergies textinput Allergies

*Dynamic Type Create (if the type is not present in the field's drop down, it will be created)

If you have any questions about adding the above fields, you can read our Customizing the Form Builder article or reach out to your Enquire account manager.

The following fields will need the specified options in order to populate the field's value correctly:

Financial Class

  • Commercial
  • MMO

Placement Term

  • Short-term
  • Long-term


  • Code + Description

Functional Limitations

  Amputation   Contracture   Hemiplegia
  Paralysis   Paraplegia   Prosthesis Care
  Quadriplegia   Auditory Limitation   Able To Make Needs Known
  Verbal Limitation   Visual Limitation

Mental Status

  Oriented   Forgetful   Confused
  Lethargic   Comatose   Mental Other
  Cooperative   Depressed   Withdrawn
  Agitated   Paranoid   Hallucinations
  Disruptive   Wandering   Verbally Abusive
  Danger to Self   Danger to Others   Behavioral Other

If you have any questions about adding the above types, you can read our Updating Dropdown Types article or reach out to your Enquire account manager.

Step 3: Adding the Allscripts Referral user

Enquire will add a user named Allscripts Referral to your database. New referrals will be created by and assigned to this user.


All integrations require an Enquire team member to complete setup of the Plugins. Please reach out to your Enquire Account Manager or Support Team at for further assistance.


Patient Information

Allscripts sends Enquire CRM patient information via an XML request. In addition to the above fields, Enquire will pull in the values from the following matching fields (in addition to the above fields):

Allscripts Field Name Enquire Field Name
First Name First Name
Middle Name Middle Name
Last Name Last Name
Home Phone Home Phone
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Work Phone Work Phone
Email Email
Birth Date Birth Date
Marital Status Marital Status
Gender Gender
Religious Affiliation Religion
Race Ethnicity
Address Address Line 1
City City
State State
Zip Postal Code
Employer Name Occupation

Referral Notes

Notes from the Allscripts referral will be created in Enquire containing the following information (if provided):

  • Creator (the referral creator)
  • Comment (comments from the referral creator)
  • Note (history and physical notes)
  • Admitting Physician
  • Attending Physician

All referrals from Allscripts will follow Enquire's digital lead functionality and populate to the New Leads box on your Dashboard with the Created By column set to the AllScripts Referral user.


Contact fields and Relationships

Contacts associated with each patient will be sent from Allscripts and Enquire will create relationship types for this integration. This means that if a patient is sent from Allscripts to Enquire with a contact with a relationship not currently found in your Enquire database, a new relationship type will be created. The following are relationship types that may be created:

Allscripts Relationship Enquire Relationship
Emergency Contact Emergency Contact
Guarantor Contact Guarantor
Financial Contact Financial Contact
Medical Contact Medical Contact
Referral Creator Referral Creator*
Referring Physician Referring Physician
Primary Care Physician Primary Physician
Attending Physician Attending Physician
Other Other
Contact Contact

*Relationship Master Type of Referral (in Enquire)

Note: If the patient is sent with a Referring Physician, they will be linked as the referrer of the patient.

Each contact of the patient will have values populated to the following fields (if present):

Allscripts Field Name Enquire Field Name
First Name First Name
Middle Name Middle Name
Last Name Last Name
Relationship Name Relationship Type
Email Email
Address 1 Address Line 1
City City
State Name State
Zip Code Short Postal Code
Home Phone Home Phone
Work Phone Work Phone
Alternate Phone Mobile Phone


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