Admissions Checklist

The Admissions Checklist is a customizable list of items used to track the steps of admitting a patient to your facilities.


Setting up the admissions checklist will require Admin permissions to create admission checklist items and activities.

Add checklist items

Note: The Admissions Checklist is community specific. You will need to repeat the following steps for each community needing an Admissions Checklist.

  1. Click Admin
  2. Click Admissions
  3. Click into the Community drop down and select the community you would like to create an Admissions Checklist for.
  4. Click the blue Add button and a Name and Description field will appear.
  5. Enter a name for the checklist item and description of what the checklist item is (both are required), and click Save.
  6. Once you save the new checklist item, you can add a specific role to the item by selecting the Role option on the right side of the screen. mceclip15.png
  7. Click the dropdown and choose the preferred role for the checklist item. mceclip0.png

Edit a checklist item

To edit a checklist item, click the current field value with a blue dotted underline, update your values and click the blue check mark to save your changes. To discard changes, click the grey "x" button.


Delete a checklist item

To delete a checklist item, click the red trash can icon to the far right of the item you would like to delete.


Sort Checklist

To sort the checklist items in the preferred order, find the hamburger icon to drag and drop the checklist item into the preferred order. mceclip2.png

Create checklist activities

The Admission Checklist will create and cancel activities for a checklist item if an activity type with the same name as the checklist item exists. For example, if you have a checklist item named "Verify Insurance", you will also need to create an activity type named "Verify Insurance" to create an activity when a checklist item is completed and cancel the activity if the checklist item is cancelled.

Note: If you do not create the Activity Types correlating to your Admissions Checklist items, and you complete a Checklist item, the first activity under Admin-Types with an 'Inquiry' Master Type will be chosen.

Note: If you have questions about creating types in Enquire, you can review our Updating Dropdown Types article or reach out to your Enquire account manager.

Using the Admission Checklist

Web Mobile App

The Admission checklist is found by clicking the Admission menu item along the top of an individual profile.


Each checklist item will have the following:

  • Status Indicator - Denotes if the checklist item is incomplete, complete, or cancelled/not applicable (N/A)
    Indicator Status
    cancel.png The checklist item is incomplete.
    success.png The checklist item has been completed.
    mceclip0.png The checklist item has been cancelled or is not applicable for the patient.
  • Notes - An optional field to enter more information for the checklist item and patient.
  • What happened?- A required field to choose the result of the checklist item. This will be a list of your company's current Activity Resolutions and may be filtered if your company is using Activity Result Tiering

Assign or Unassign a checklist item

Locate the checklist item and click on the blue Assign to me on the right side of the checklist item mceclip4.png

Once the checklist item is self-assigned, the button will auto-change to an un-assign option or additional dropdown menu to mark it as N/A.


Note: All Checklist items show on Profiles, however, different options show based on the following:

  • The “Assign to me”, “Unassign to me” button displays on the profile when your User role is the same as the Role assigned to the checklist item.
  • When a Role is not assigned to a checklist item, you will only see the Green "Complete" and N/A buttons.
  • When a Role is assigned to a checklist item, but the Role is not the same as your User Role, you will only see the “Notes” and “What Happened” fields.
  • The “What Happened” field is open to select when the checklist item is assigned to a user and when a user role is not assigned to an item, and when a user role is not assigned to an item.

Send Checklist Notification

  • When accessing the admissions section in an individual profile you will see a bell iconmceclip8.png to the right of the checklist item.
  • Once the notification button is clicked, every user assigned to that role will receive notifications that will be found in the notification section of the CRM. The notification will direct them to the checklist item.

View New Notifications

Notifications for Admissions Checklist status appear on the bell icon in the top menu bar of the Profile. mceclip2.png

Select an item in the Notification and the notification will direct to the profile of the checklist item and A Note Pin Alerts of the status change of the checklist item mceclip18.png

Complete a checklist item

Fill out the Notes field and choose a resolution and click the Complete button.


The checklist item will now be complete. A green complete banner will display with the date of completion and the user that completed the item.


And a completed activity with the same name as the checklist item will be created (if setup).


Cancel a checklist item

If a checklist item has already been completed, you can cancel it by clicking the Cancel button.


The checklist item will return to a status of incomplete, but will retain the values entered in the Notes and Result drop down (this is to retain historical data) and the corresponding activity will be cancelled.


Mark a checklist item as not applicable

If a checklist item doesn't apply to the individual, you can mark the item as not applicable by clicking the dropdown menu on the blue Incomplete button and selecting N/A.


The checklist item will be marked as "N/A" with a banner displaying the date the item was marked N/A and the user that marked the item as N/A.

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