RealPage Integration

Enquire's integration with RealPage is a one way integration allowing users to send individuals from Enquire to Real Page's OneSite product.


Step 1: Request ODE Prospect Management from RealPage

In order for individuals to be sent to RealPage, "ODE - Prospect Management" must be enabled for each property where guest cards need to be inserted. Please reach out to your Real Page account manager to request the "ODE - Prospect Management" configuration. If this is already enabled, you do not need to reach out to your Real Page account manager.

Step 2: Creating a RealPage User with the SDE Manager Role

To grant Enquire access to the prospect management web service in RealPage OneSite, you will need to create a new user with access to each Property needing the Integration (or All Properties). Once the user has been created, provide it the role of SDE Manager. This user, and its credentials, will be used in setting up the Enquire Plugins.

Step 3: Locating your RealPage Company and Property Ids

Log into your RealPage SDE Manager account and at the top left, click the RealPage icon (3 orange dots).

A new screen will pop-up showing you the Company OneSite ID Number and each Property OneSite ID Number. You will have to change Properties while inside RealPage to get the Property OneSite ID Number for each location wanting the Integration. These are needed for the next steps of setting up the Enquire Plugins.


All integrations require an Enquire team member to complete setup of the Plugins.  Please reach out to your Enquire Account Manager or Support Team at for further assistance.


Enquire can send a profile to RealPage with the following fields and their values:

  First Name*   Last Name*   Middle Name   Email
  Home Phone**   Mobile Phone**   Address Line 1   Address Line 2
  City   State   Postal Code   Comment
  Market Source   Preferred Move In Date

*required to send an individual to RealPage.
**home phone or mobile phone is required to send an individual to RealPage.

Send an individual to RealPage

In the upper right section of the profile, click the blue button labeled Real Page. This will send the individual to RealPage with the above fields and their values.

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