HeartLegacy SalesMail Integration

With the HeartLegacy SalesMail integration, you can view your due and overdue activities in the SalesMail app and send emails to your leads using their email address from Enquire.

Note: If you have any questions about enabling this integration, please reach out to your HeartLegacy Account Manager.


All setup for the SalesMail integration is done from within the SalesMail application. Before proceeding check with your HeartLegacy Account Manager to confirm the integration has been setup.

  1. Navigate to the Account section of the SalesMail app.
  2. Select CRM.
  3. Enter your Enquire Portal/Company Id, User Id, and Password and click Sign In.
  4. Once you have been successfuly signed in, a new section titled "To Do" will be available with SalesMail. This To Do section will contain your due and overdue Enquire activities.

Note: Use our Locate your Portal/Company Id article to find your company's portal/company id and our Locate a UserId article to find a user's id.


Within the SalesMail application you can select Enquire activities and create a new SalesMail or use an existing one. When sending SalesMail to a contact, if that contact has an email address in Enquire, it will be automatically populated to the "To" address of the SalesMail. Once sent, a completed activity with the name of HeartLegacy SalesMail will created for the contact in Enquire and a note with your SalesMail body will be attached to the activity.



SalesMail FAQs

What if I don't see an activity type named HeartLegacy SalesMail in Enquire?
In order for the HeartLegacy SalesMail integration to correctly create the activity you will need to ensure an activity with the name of HeartLegacy SalesMail exists and is spelled correctly. You can read our Updating Dropdown Types article if you have questions about creating this activity.
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