How to Integrate Crisp Chat While in Enquire MAP

How to Integrate Crisp Chat While in Enquire MAP 

Nothing gets passed by. We went all in on this integration. Now we have native integration with Crisp Live chat to provided the conversations logged right on the prospect's timelines. As well you get enhanced contact profiles in Crisp.

If the Enquire MAP script is on the website, there is no action item needed. Enquire MAP automatically detects Crisp, and scrapes all conversations then inserts the conversations into timelines. As well, Enquire MAP will detect email addresses embedded in the conversations  then associate the email address with the visitor and/or chatter. Therefore,  an email address is not required on the form that starts the chat. If the operators ask for the email address ., Enquire MAP will get it automatically from the conversation! 

Enquire MAP will also update the visitor's profile in Crisp

Please see the example Crisp chat in contact timeline:


Crisp chats can be queried in Contact Segments, Workflows, and more.

Look for history item LiveChat to find people who have had live chats, or query for livechat transcription contains SearchTermHere to filter for prospects and customers who mentioned a specific word or phrase in a chat.

Please see the example filter for just live chats:


Please see the example filter for transcripts that include the word pipedrive:



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.



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