Adding New Workflow Actions in Enquire MAP

Adding New Workflow Actions in Enquire MAP



  1. Run the generator to create the new model and migration                                                            rails g active_record:model WorkflowAction workflow_action:references attr1:string attr2:string etc
  2. Add in the t.userstamps and track_who_does_it
  3. Add in the association to models/workflow_action.rb and the action type rake db:migrate


  1. Add icon to drag and drop, give it a unique css class workflows/_actions.html 
  2. Add section with edit fields for the actions fields: workflows/_prop_action.html 
  3. Add call to js to put saved actions onto the workflow UI: workflows/_setup_script.html



  1. Add the "create_action_" function to load a saved action onto the workflow UI: javascripts/workflows.js 
  2. Edit the setup_action_properties function to setup the new action when it's dropped onto the workflow                                                                                                                                        matrix first index should match attrs variable from workflows.rb      stylesheets/workflows.css: add css class from _actions.html



  1. Update models/workflow.rb to create/update/delete the new action when necessary



  1. Update lib/workflow_engine.rb: execute_action to execute the new action type



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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