How Unsubscribes Work in Enquire MAP

How Unsubscribes Work in Enquire MAP

Enquire MAP has changed how unsubscribes work in the platform. Previously, we've had some customers unsubscribe from a weekly report and accidentally unsubscribe from all emails, including critical emails like leads. So now, the unsubscribe functionality will only stop emails that are going out as part of a campaign. 

Emails from these sources will NOT be stopped by an unsubscribe:

Auto Responders
Lead Processing Workflows
Scheduled Reports
Appointment Reminders

These changes will NOT break CASL/GDPR/CCPA if your team is following best practices with email by sending email campaigns using the email campaign feature.

What this does is effectively prevent employees from NOT receiving important notifications if they accidentally unsubscribe. If they unsubscribe, they will continue to get lead notifications and scheduled reports. This also means that contacts who are unsubscribed but still fill out a form or book an appointment will go through the appropriate autoresponder or appointment workflow - they will not be included in campaigns.

You can click on the icon to change the subscribed/unsubscribed state. If the contact has one email address that is unsubscribed, the system will not allow emails to be sent. There is no way to toggle an unsubscribed email to make it subscribed. You will have to delete the unsubscribed email address and add the email address back to toggle it from unsubscribed to subscribed.

Navigate to Contacts > All Contacts > Select any given contact to edit > Click Edit or pencil icon in contact listing:blobid0.jpg

The icon next to the contact's email address communicates the subscribed/unsubscribed state.

  • Green indicates that the email address is subscribed or accepts emails.
  • Red indicates that the email address is unsubscribed.


Please note: In the event of accidentally unsubscribing a contact or if contact was inadvertently unsubscribed, please reach out to MAP Support for further assistance. It requires deleting the contact from agency and sub-agency account then adding them back in the next day.

Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.



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