Error Notifications for Leads and Form Submits in Enquire MAP

Error Notifications for Leads and Form Submits in Enquire MAP

Enquire MAP informs the Technical Contact of the account about any errors happening to the Lead Notifications or Form Submits by sending automated error emails. It is important to set a Technical Contact by navigating to Administration > Account Settings Account Setup tab to receive them. This is especially useful if the User is testing a new form or an update to the Sales Lead Notifications.



Some of the frequent types of errors potentially will occur:

A lead tried to send for the Account but failed for one of these reasons: 

  • Sending to an empty contact list, or a list that contained non-employees
  • Sending to an email address that is not set or was deleted.

For more information, follow a link to the article: Error Notifications for Leads and Form Submits


A bot was submitting empty forms on the page

For more information, read this article: What are all of these form submit errors I am getting?


An attempt to submit a form from an unverified URL

As a security feature, Enquire MAP will only accept form submits from verified URLs. The website domain that the User set up for the account is automatically verified (i.e. Enquire MAP will only accept web form submits from a page on the main website domain). If receiving this error, the webform is deployed on a different domain than the main account domain.


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