Parallel Tracking in Google Ads

Parallel Tracking in Google Ads


Since Oct 30, 2018, Google Ads set the requirement of parallel tracking in all Ads accounts. Here is why and what this means to its Users.

Increasing Page Load Speed for Click Tracking Platforms

Google wants faster load times for their users to avoid slower load times for people using their Ads platform. Advertisers who use click tracking platforms, might be slowing down the user by a little  or a lot, depending on the platform.

Click Tracking in Google Ads helps with this barrier by sending the user directly to the site as well as having the browser send a beacon to the parallel click tracking path (the click tracking URL). Therefore, there is a mandate to use parallel tracking.


What does this mean for Enquire MAP users?

This is truly dependent on the account setup. Often there is very little to nothing to do. 

Use ValueTrack Parameters

You can get campaign tracking within How to Use Value Track Parameters.  This also adds some great detail to Enquire MAP contacts who engage with Google Ads. There are no Google Ads changes that are required, since you are still just using one URL without additional click tracking redirects.

Technically, if you were using shortened URLs in your Google Ads campaigns, you might have to use parallel tracking but proves senseless as you should be getting user campaign interaction data from ValueTrack parameters instead. 

For additional information, see Parallel Tracking FAQ 


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.


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