Setting up Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) for the Company Website in Enquire MAP

Setting up Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) for the Company Website in Enquire MAP

Enquire MAP provides a great feature using Dynamic Number Insertion which is a great tool for tracking and recording specific data for all incoming phone calls generated by the Company website. With DNI the User can automatically collect information about the person calling, how that person found the website, which pages they visited, the individual's location, etc. The true benefit is the ability to target web prospects with specificity, send the prospects messages based on their interests and help the Community sales team better understand their potential customer.

To use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) on the Company website, an Enquire MAP tracking script is used or a WordPress plugin must be installed. 

Setting up the tracking script for the website

A powerful feature of Enquire MAP is its ability to collect and report on online activity associated with the customer contacts. Connecting the Company website to our platform is relatively simple.

  • Add the account tracking script to every page of the website. Navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Account Set Up
  • If a tracking script is already in use, no extra script is required.

 To create a pool in Enquire MAP, follow this steps:

  1. Navigate to Assets > Call Tracking Numbers > Dynamic Number Insertion tab                              blobid1.jpg     
  2. Edit the Pool Properties by adding the number(s) currently listed on the website then edit the conditions for replacement. Please note: a DNI pool can replace multiple numbers and the User can have several DNI groups.                                                                                                                         blobid0.jpg
  3. Edit the Dynamic Number Insertion Pool to the right of the page by clicking “ADD TRACKED NUMBER”. there needs to be at least 3 numbers per a DNI pool to dynamically replace static phone numbers on the Company website. Please note: The User can add an existing call tracking number in the account or create a new one:


How to Configure Phone Call Tracking

Phone Call Tracking in Enquire MAP enables the User to instantly register phone numbers and forward the phone number to a specific phone number. Phone Tracking has several benefits:

  • Track incoming phone calls to measure the performance of different campaigns
  • Dynamically redirect incoming calls to specific sales people associated with the contact calling
  • Recording calls to get a better idea of sales performance
  • Associate phone call to historical anonymous website visit data

Examples of using Phone Tracking

  • If there is only one phone number but several departments, register a tracked phone number in our platform for each department and forward it to the main number.
  • The number of calls going to each department can be better measured. 
  • When exhibiting at a trade show or event, include a tracked phone number on marketing collateral and measure the number of calls being received as a result of the event.
  • Include a tracked phone number in Company pay-per-click campaigns to measure their call-in effectiveness.

Creating a Tracked Phone number in Enquire MAP


  • Navigate to Assets > Call Tracking NumbersAdd Tracked Number     
  • The User is presented with several search options to help find a the perfect phone number. These options are:
  1. Area Code: Enter the area code the User would like the tracked phone to have.
  2. Contains: Enter a short phrase to associate with the alpha characters on a phone keypad. For example, "jump" would equate to 5867 for a complete phone number (555) 555-JUMP (5867).
  3. Location: Enter the 2 letter state or province abbreviation. For example enter "NJ" for "New Jersey".
  4. Country: Select a specific country from the drop-down list.
  5. Type: Select whether the number is a toll-free number (toll-free for the person making the call) or if it is a local number.
  6. Press the "Search" button once the User has have entered the search criteria 

IMPORTANT: If entering multiple, conflicting search criteria there will not be any results. For example, choosing the country "United States" with an area code of "780" from Canada will conflict. If no search results are returned, try expanding the User's search criteria.

  1. All available Tracked Phone numbers will appear.
  2. Select the Tracked Phone number the User wants.
  3. The User will then be presented with the following fields:
    Forward call to assigned contact manager: Depending on the subscription type, this field may not be available. When it is available, the incoming calls route directly to the person assigned to the contact calling in. Check the box to enable this feature.
    Whisper Message: This is an optional field. Any text entered into this field will be converted to voice and played to the person answering the call. For example, if assigned a Track Phone number to a trade show, enter "trade show lead" as the whisper message. When the incoming phone call is answered, the person answering the call will hear "trade show lead" and then will be connected with the caller. The caller does not hear the whisper message.
    Description: This is an optional field. Enter a description to describe what the Tracked Phone number is used for. It is highly recommended a description be added. As multiple phone numbers are added, a good description helps keep things organized.
    Pre-Amble: This is a message given to the caller. For example, this call may be recorded for training purposes

Associated Costs

Please see the assigned Enquire Account Manager to discuss the costs associated with Phone Tracking:

  1. Phone Number: There is a flat monthly fee for every Tracked Phone number in the account. The amount of the fee depends on the subscription.
  2. Usage: The usage fee is charged by the minute. The usage rate depends on the subscription.
  3. Recording: There is a per minute cost associated with recording the calls
  4. SMS: there is a per SMS message cost for sending/receiving SMS messages

Please Note: When the setup in Enquire MAP is finished, numbers will automatically change according to the conditions added before.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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