Updating Contacts in Bulk Using Excel

Updating Contacts in Bulk Using Excel

There is a method for updating large groups of contacts by specific category, i.e., contact source, assigned contact manager, employer organization, unsubscribed, etc.

Using the Bulk Editor


Enquire MAP enables users to edit contacts in bulk. Examples of editing contacts in bulk to include adding tags, assigning contacts to an account, deleting contacts and more. Here is how to get started: 

Some fields can be edited in bulk directly. 

  1. Navigating to Contacts > All Contacts screen.
  2. Select the contacts that need to be bulk edited by checking the checkbox to the left of the name.
  3. Once all of the contacts selected to bulk edit, click the Bulk Edit button from the top right corner. The following choices appear:
    1. Add Tag
    2. Remove Tag
    3. Add Industry
    4. Remove Industry
    5. Assign Employer
    6. Delete Contacts
    7. Merge Contacts
    8. Set Custom Field
    9. Add to list
    10. Data Enrichment
  4. Select the option to edit and complete the step accordingly.

Using Excel

The User can export contacts navigating to Contacts > All Contacts > Export Contacts make changes to the data export using Excel then import the updated contacts again. This can be made by following next steps:

  1. Create a List of contacts from the Contacts menu in Enquire MAP, navigating to Contacts > Contact Lists > +NEW AUDIENCE. A new window opens to enable the User to make a new list of people or use a current set of people.blobid1.jpg     
  2. Select the contacts to bulk. Add them to the list then Save.
  3. Navigate to Contacts > All Contacts. Click All Contacts drop-down to select the list or segment.
  4. Once  the list or segment is selected and used to filter the All contacts table, click the EXPORT button.                                                      .blobid2.jpg
  5. Download the Excel file that was received via email (or click CONTACT EXPORTS again to see a list of all of the recent exports to download).blobid3.jpg                                                       
  6. In Excel file update appropriate column with new data (email, YES/NO, name values).         
  7. Go to ContactsImport Contacts. Upload the edited file.         
  8. Update the map column data, using email as a Lookup column.                                                          
  9. Push START IMPORT button. When checking the Contact Lists, this list of contacts will appear updated.



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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