The Difference between an Account, a Contact, an Organization, an Employee, and a User

The Difference between an Account, a Contact, an Organization, an Employee, and a User

Organization: The Enquire MAP record that groups Contacts with the relationship Employer:: Employee. A Contact is employed by the Organization.

Contact: A Contact is an Enquire MAP record that contains the metadata, the activity history, etc for a single person with one or more email addresses and/or phone numbers.

Account: An Account is a special case of an Organization. The Account is the entity that contains 

  • Employees (contacts that work for the Account)
  • Users (Employees of the Account that have login accounts)
  • Contact database (collection of Contacts that do not work for the Account and Organizations)
  • Assets
  • Automation
  • Custom fields and settings
  • Etc

An Account is tied to a single website domain.

User: An employee of the Account that has a login account. 


How to Add Users to Enquire MAP account

If using the appropriate account type (Agency Marketer or Corporate Marketer) and with a login that has the permissions that allow for user account management, then adding user login accounts to the Enquire MAP Agency or Sub-Agency accounts is fairly simple. The user administration is done in the account settings (Administration->Account Settings). If scrolling down to the Employees section:blobid0.jpg
  1. Please connect with Enquire MAP Support for further assistance.
  2. Navigate to AdministrationAccount SettingsEmployees tab.
  3. Click Add Employee to create an employee contact.
  4. With appropriate permissions level to manage user accounts, the new employee will have the following icon:                                                                                                     
  5. Click the icon with the '+'. This will create a user account.

    Please Note: If the '+'is not visible, reach out to the Community Admin team for MAP to help use their permission levels as they can support multiple logins. Adding an employee to the account does not create a user login, so the User must complete the next steps.

  6. Select the appropriate access level for the user.

    For the client logins, consider selecting Dashboard Viewer as the permissions account.

  7. Do not set their password. The new user will be able to set their own password.

  8. Set the appropriate time zone for the new user.

  9. When clicking 'Save, the new user account will be created and the user will be sent an account confirmation email. The user will be given the opportunity to set their own password upon account confirmation.

  10. The client user login domain is listed in the account administration page.


How do I add a client account?

  1. Click the toolbar click new client account if on an agency account.
  2. Please connect with Enquire MAP Support or the Community MAP Admin if without access to an agency account.



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.






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