How to Bulk Delete a List of Contacts in Enquire MAP

How to Bulk Delete a List of Contacts in Enquire MAP

Deleting Lists

In Enquire MAP, a list is a view of contacts. it is important to know that deleting a list will not delete the contacts

Bulk Deleting Contacts

To ensure that the User does not inadvertently delete contacts, Enquire MAP has implemented a two-step process for deleting contacts:

  1. Bulk delete the contacts from the all contacts screen
  2. Emptying the trash to permanently delete the contacts

Bulk Deleting

Bulk deleting contacts can only be done by:

  1. Navigating to ContactsAll Contacts screen.
  2. Selecting the contacts the User wants to delete, either by building a temporary contact segment in the all contacts segment builder, or by selecting an existing contact segment or an existing contact list.
  3. Click the All Contacts drop down to select the appropriate list or segment. Once the list or segment is selected and used to filter the all contacts table, click the checkbox on the top left column.blobid0.jpg
  4. Click the bulk edit button that appears on the toolbar.blobid1.jpg
  5. Select Delete Contact from the drop-down, and click Submit.       

  6. An alert will appear to state how many contacts will be deleted.mceclip0.png

  7. A Request to Delete Contacts will appear to show what will be moved into Trash.  


Delayed Bulk Contact Deletion

The Request To Delete Contacts task will temporarily remain in the trash then it will be executed and removed from the trash automatically after 4 days. Additionally, All contacts associated with this task will no longer be visible in the All Contacts screen nor will they be processed by campaigns. All contacts associated with this delete contact action will count towards the contact capacity and appear in all reports until the task is executed (or deleted by emptying the trash).

If the contact performs any activity (I.E., visits the website, fills out a form, clicks a link in an email, etc), the contact will be removed from the scheduled deletion and become visible in the DB again. If the User re-imports any contact that is associated with this delete task are re-imported, again the contact in the trash will be re-instated and removed from the trash.

Bulk Delete Contacts NOW!

If the User wants to execute the permanent deletion immediately, simply empty the trash or click the X by the request object in the trash.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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