How to Block Competitors from the Website Using Enquire MAP

How to Block Competitors from the Website Using Enquire MAP

Technically, Enquire MAP cannot block people from a user's website. However, our platform does offer great features to help control access to content though.

Blocked Accounts

The block account feature in Enquire MAP is a great way to block users from accessing the User's material.

  1. Click any account and check the Block Account checkbox
  2. Add an associated email domain to the account, and now the competitor is blocked.

Essentially, an employee of a blocked account will never get an Auto Responder from a webform on the site. Also, Enquire MAP will re-direct the people to a separate confirmation URL that displays something appropriate such as, "Thank you for your request, someone will get back to you shortly". It is important to note that an account typically will have an email domain associated with the account.

  • Anyone who submits a form that has a contact with an email address that matches the account domain will be added to the account.
  • Anyone who submits a form with an email address that is from a domain that is associated with a blocked account will be blocked. 

What if a contact fills out a company field on a form, and the company field differs from the blocked account in Enquire MAP?

Example account, Acme Inc. is a competitor. The email domain is associated with the account, so any person who submits a form with an email address with domain will be blocked.  If there is a Company field on a form, and someone puts in Acme Wholesale as the company name plus uses an email address with the form, Enquire MAP will create a new account Acme Wholesale and the email address will indicate that this new account must also be blocked per Company relation. Furthermore, the contact will not get the resource.

Please Note: It is important to know that is still associated with Acme Inc, not Acme Wholesale.

Spam Functionality

The spam functionality to block a form submit can also be used where the User could label a domain as a spam domain, and all form submits will be quarantined plus the person will not get the auto responder or the resource.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.


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