Installing Enquire MAP using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Installing Enquire MAP using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

If the Company website is on WordPress, Enquire recommends using the Enquire MAP plugin for WordPress to get the appropriate tracking script on your website instead of Google Tag Manager (GTM) as it adds some functionality that is unavailable going the GTM route. Google Tag Manager is a rapid and easy way to setup multiple client accounts in Enquire MAP and track phone calls and form fills for them.

This option enable the user to achieve goals with minimum setup efforts and development skills:

  • Track clients’ PPC campaigns to understand what is really working
  • Get attribution
  • Create Scheduled Reports
  • Quickly setup and manage a set of client accounts 

Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Helps in call tracking and form fills while in Enquire MAP

There are only a few steps to deploy tracking with GTM:

  1. Sign into the Enquire MAP account the copy the individual tracking script (Navigate to Administration > Account Settings> Account Setup > Tracking Script section. This is the script you will need to use in your Google Tag Manager account.blobid0.jpg  
  2. Sign into Google Tag Manager and choose the appropriate container.
  3. Create a new tag - name the tag Enquire MAP tracking code.
  4. Choose tag type: Custom HTML.
  5. Paste in the Enquire MAP tracking code (See wrench icon in the top right after logging in to Enquire MAP).
  6. Add Trigger: Recommendation is to use the All Pages trigger for most deployments.
  7. Save the tag.
  8. Optional, but recommended: Preview the container and check that the tag fires when accessing the website.
  9. Click Submit and publish with a change log describing what was added.

Note: Enquire MAP will only track form submits and visits from the domain configured in the account. If  trying to work on a development site, please contact Enquire MAP Support. blobid1.jpg


Collecting Form Conversions

There are two types of forms that Enquire MAP that works with: Internal forms built inside the Enquire MAP platform, and External forms that already exist on your website (Virtual Form Submits).

If using Enquire MAP native forms, no extra steps are required to collect data for the form submits. 

If the form was NOT built inside of Enquire MAP, in order to pass the data, you need to connect with Enquire MAP Support.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.




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