Creating and Publishing a Landing Page in Facebook using Enquire MAP

Creating and Publishing a Landing Page in Facebook using Enquire MAP

Enquire MAP works well with landing pages that can be published as stand-alone pages or as a custom Facebook tab on the company Facebook account. (Please Note: Page Tabs feature is only available to pages with 2000 or more followers, or pages managed by whitelisted apps (a restriction implemented by Facebook). A Facebook ad landing page is the page that the visitors are taken to after clicking on the User's ad, and is focused on converting that visitor into a lead or customer. The landing page (marketing speak) is simply the post-click destination of the Facebook (or Instagram) ad.

The setup process is quite simple!

  1. Create a Landing Page in Enquire MAPblobid0.jpgThings to consider: As the page will be displayed in an iFrame inside Facebook, the page will be rendering at around 600px wide, therefore, the User's need to optimize the page for the 'Medium' setting on the responsive builder. 
  2. Ensure the User has authenticated Facebook inside the Enquire MAP account
  3. In the account settings (Administration>Account Settings) the User will find a section called Facebook Integration under the Integrations tab. As the User may have more than one Facebook page that the User is an administrator for ... choose the Facebook page that needs to have the Landing Page to appear on. blobid0.jpg 
  4. Choose the Landing Page created in Step 1 in the 'Landing Page to Appear in Facebook Tab' drop down 
  5. In the Facebook Tab Name box, give the page a name. This will show up in Facebook
  6. Check the 'Publish Landing Page to Facebook' check box and the User is done!

Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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