Deactivating/Pausing Drip Campaigns in Enquire MAP

Deactivating/Pausing Drip Campaigns in Enquire MAP 

Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. These messages often take the form of email marketing, although other media can also be used. 

 Campaign Status mceclip2.png mceclip1.png
Workflow Actions executed Yes No
Contact can complete a defined goal? Yes Yes
Emails will be sent? Yes No
Contact will move out of its current wait state? Yes No
The campaign name shows up in reports Yes No
Campaign name shows up in 'add to campaign' dropdowns? Yes No
Time progresses (i.e. how long a contact sits in a wait state) Yes Yes


When a campaign is inactive, everything pauses:

  • The contacts sitting in a 'wait state' will remain in the current wait state until the campaign is active.
  • Time continues to move forward during the 'inactive' state but the contact will not move out of a wait state until the campaign becomes 'active'. 
  • A contact who is in a 'wait for 3 days' state, and the User deactivates the campaign for 4 days, the prospect will remain in the 'wait for 3 days' state
  • Once the User activates the campaign, the prospect will move out of the 'wait for 3 days' state as the prospect has been sitting in that state for more than the specified 3 days. 

If the User deletes a wait state, all contacts in the campaign that are currently in that wait state drop out of the campaign.



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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