Why I Cannot See All Contact Lists in the 'Email to Sales' Workflow Action

Why I Cannot See All Contact Lists in the 'Email to Sales' Workflow Action 

In your account, you will end up having many contact lists.  A contact list may have many use cases: 

  1. Groupings of prospects/external contacts for the purpose of communication
  2. Groupings of sales employees for internal communication
  3. Groupings of marketers for internal communication 

You have the option to send communications to lists of people in the context of workflow actions. To simplify the list referencing there is a target attribute on all contact lists. The 'Email Sales' workflow action is primarily used for sending emails to internal employees. To reduce the probability of mistakes (sending lead notifications to your clients), Enquire MAP has a 'target' attribute that can be set on a contact list. 

In the list editor, those lists that have a target set to 'Sales' as an indication that the list will be used for internal communication. Therefore, you will only see those lists that have the target attribute set to 'Sales' in your sales workflow action dropdowns.



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance. 

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