Creating Placeholder Images for Templates in Enquire MAP

Creating Placeholder Images for Templates in Enquire MAP

When creating a new template, we suggest using image placeholders that act like dragging an image object onto an email/landing page. Examples include adding a text block to the email or page where the User edits the source of the text block and paste in html with variables filled in.

Other classes could be added for pages to give a mask to the image (ie, img-rounded, img-circle, img-thumbnail).

Image Source 

  • Width: integer value (ie 600) 
  • Height: integer value (ie 600) 
  • Color: hex value (colors used in AD for images are: e47d3b, 39b49c, efc749, 475f6e, e35b49, c33e27, 20a5d6, 2b8a78, e4d23b, b43951, c749ef, 6e5647, 6e474c, e34984, 20d6ac, 782b8a) 
  • Text: the text you want the image to say, spaces should be replaced by %20 (ie text values could be 400x400, 240px%20width) 



Image Width 

  1. Emails: always specify a width. The width can be larger than the space and it will automatically be reduced, but it needs to have some width specified.
  2. Pages: do not specify a width on pages if you want the image to be responsive. Specifying a width will disrupt the responsive nature of the image and page.



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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