Sending Emails from Other EMS platforms

Sending Emails from Other EMS platforms

Enquire MAP makes it easy to move data from other Email Marketing systems into our platform via URL parameters. The parameters that we support and track are:

URL Parameter Label Recognized Value
ademail contact's Email Address
adfname contact's First Name
adlname contact's Last Name
adcompany contact's Employer
adcid EnquireMAP contactID


If using an email system that has something similar to Enquire MAP dynamic fields (merge fields in other platforms), the option to use the fields to pass information to Enquire MAP. For example, sending a prospect to a blog post on the website tracked by Enquire MAP and looking to send an email from some other platform, simply append data to the link to let Enquire MAP know 'who' clicked the link.  ... etc.

When Enquire MAP sees a visitor on a web page with the URL parameters populated, Enquire MAP will associate the visit to the person identified in the URL parameters or will create a new contact if nonexistent.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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