How to Configure Enquire MAP to Provide Ability to Swap Call Tracking Numbers

How does the User configure Enquire MAP to provide ability to swap call tracking numbers for several office locations (or based on the visitor's location)?

If there are multiple office locations for the Company, each having a unique office phone number, there are two ways to handle this using Enquire MAP Dynamic Number Insertion.

  • Create a DNI pool for each number on the website and dynamically replace one regionally specific local number with a tracked number
  • Use Enquire MAP to dynamically replace the a single number with a specific regional, local number based on the visitor's GEO IP location.

Before getting started, it is important to note a few items regarding specific DNI pools where each pool can:

  • Replace multiple numbers.
  • Have complex conditional based routing (for example, if the person is visiting the site from London, route the call to the London office).
  • Have geo restricted replacement (i.e. only replace this number for people who are visiting the site from London)
  • Require minimally 3 numbers in the pool.

Option 1: Swapping Multiple Regional Numbers

For each regional number displayed on the website, a separate DNI pool is needed to handle the swap. Next, create multiple DNI pools, each with a set of numbers to dynamically replace on the website. Hence this case is quite simple, create a DNI pool for each regional number needed to be replaced. Add regional specific local numbers to each pool.

Option 2: Swap one number with multiple regional numbers

If one number is to be replaced and have it display a local number for multiple locations based on the geo location of the visitor, please set up multiple DNI pools, each pool with its own Geo targeted restrictions.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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