Confirming if Email Campaigns Were Successfully Sent

Confirming if Email Campaigns Were Successfully Sent

  1. If you have set up a calendar-based campaign, Enquire MAP will use the audience or list of recipients then queue them up for email send on the scheduled send date and time. At the send date and time, Enquire MAP starts processing the audience list.  What is the best way to determine a successful email campaign send? Please review the Email Campaign report by navigating to Analytics Reports Email Campaign Report. This report is not a real time report (the report server lags the actual sending of the emails). 
  2. If you are using list based drip campaigns, the same story holds, the method for finding out where the prospects are is the Drip Campaign Report (Analytics > Reports > Drip Campaign Report). This report shows you the almost current status of the prospects and what wait state they are all in.

What could be delaying my emails?

  1. Predictive Send: If you have set up a predictive send, an email could incur a delay of up to 24 hours and up to 7 days before a a prospect receives an email. There is a campaign dashboard widget that will display the current send status of the list.
  2. Split testing: If you have set up a split testing on the first email, you can set up a delay rule. Split testing allows you to send to X% of the list and wait for Y hours then send the winner of the test to the remainder of the list. The right place to look is the email campaign report to see the results of the test at any given time.

Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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