How to Configure a Template Account in Enquire MAP

How to Configure a Template Account in Enquire MAP

Definition of a Template Account

If a Marketing Agency who is going to create multiple sub-accounts, it is suggested to use the same account configuration for new clients. To save time and efforts, Enquire MAP enables the User to create a Template Account that can be used as a basis for future client accounts.

The Assets that can be built and re-used within a Template account are:

  • Appointment Schedulers
  • Email Templates
  • Page Templates
  • Published Pages
  • Web Forms
  • Campaign workflows
  • Lead Processing workflows
  • Dashboards
  • Custom Field Types
  • Custom Field Mappings

How to Create a Template Account

  • Convert an existing sub-account into a Template by sending a request to (Please Note: In this case, the account will no longer be functional.)
  • Create and set up a new sub-account then send a request to to convert into an Account Template. 

After finishing the Template Account setup, in the upper left corner of the screen:

  1. Click + New Client Account to create a new client account using this Template:blobid0.jpg            
  2. A dialogue window will appear allowing the opportunity to name the template. Click Save when all fields are populated.



Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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