How to Embed a Google Font in Enquire MAP

How to Embed a Google Font in Enquire MAP

The method of embedding a Google Font can be used for any font hosted externally.  However, if the font is hosted on another domain, the following header needs to be set on that domain:


Embedding on a Landing Page

Include the Font

Paste the the following URL into the page properties' script tag:


Use the Font

Add styles to the page's Custom CSS section to specify where the font should be used:

Embed in an email

To embed in an email, an import statement is to be used:

Embed in a brand

A font can be embedded into a brand and used anywhere the brand is used:

To also use the Google font for the forms, add this section of code to Custom CSS block:

If embedding the font in the brand, put the link statement into the global script tag by accessing Administration > Account Settings:

Note!: The Google font will not be visible in the fonts drop-down when editing a Landing Page, an Email Template or the Brand accessible by Assets > Brands.

Please note: Only standard fonts are available to choose from in the drop-down:

The Google font will be used in the custom CSS section of the Landing Page, Email Template or Brand.


CSS example

Please Note: The CSS will vary depending on how the font to be applied is determined. The sample CSS below will apply to all elements of the page:

@import url('');

body .activedemand-button-container .activedemand-button, 
body h1, body h2, body h3, body h4, body h5, body h6,
body p, body li, body label, body input, body textarea, body button, body td, body div {
  font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif !important;

Editing the source code is another way to specify where Google font is used in the Asset is:

As the editor does not show all the CSS being added to the page, the Google fonts and their rendering can be viewed in Preview mode:


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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