Using to Enquire MAP to Provide a Link to a Landing Page within an Email

Using to Enquire MAP to Provide a Link to a Landing Page within an Email

If sending a newsletter out to a specific audience, most likely it is being sent to to the residents and prospects/contacts in hopes of the audience being directed to a specific landing page that yields additional information about the community or an avenue for the audience to schedule an appointment at the community or a community event. Embedding a particular URL into the email will help provide this opportunity! 

Linking to an Enquire MAP Landing Page

  1. Ensure there is a published landing page. If it is not published, there will be no way to link to it and it will need published in order to have a URL assigned.
  2. If building a landing page in the template directory (Assets>Page Template Library), the page is a template and there will be no way to link to it! If the Landing Page was created as a template, it will need to be published by either publishing it:
  • Inside a campaign
  • Not attached to any campaign 

To publish a landing page inside a campaign:

  1. Open the Campaign by navigating to Automation>Campaigns - Click the Edit buttonblobid0.jpg 
  2. Access the several tabs in the campaign overview screen toolbar - Click the Assets tab.blobid1.jpg 
  3. Click the +NEW button in the Landing Page section:blobid2.jpg 
  4. Choose a template from the many choices of Page Templates. Create the Page and name it.blobid3.jpgblobid4.jpg 
  5. Edit or dress up the landing pageblobid6.jpgblobid7.jpg 
  6. Get the URL for the landing page            
  7. Go back to the email editor and embed the link in the button or in text. 

Note: If the landing page is inside a campaign, and it is uniquely named inside the campaign, the User can reference the landing page with a dynamic field. The in campaign dynamic fields for Landing Pages are at the top of the dynamic field list:

Please Note: This allows the User to abstract the URL from the campaign in case they want to clone the campaign (and hence the landing page).


To Publish a Landing Page Outside a Campaign:

The steps are the same as above, the only difference is that the User starts in the global space (Assets>Published Pages).


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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