How to Customize the Unsubscribe Page?

How to Customize the Unsubscribe Page?


Option 1: Short Guide

The system unsubscribe is a System Page (Administration > System Pages) that has two required elements.

  1. The form on the custom page template has a Hidden Email form element
  2. The form on the page template has an Unsubscribe form element

Option 2: Detailed Guide

The unsubscribe page is an Enquire MAP system landing page that can be customized. It is a great practice to let subscribers choose the type of content the User serves them. For example, with any Enquire MAP landing page the User can:

  • Expose account level custom fields in the content preferences
  • Using dynamic content to personalize the unsubscribe page (show them what they are missing)
  • Use popups to get one last chance at keeping the prospect

The unsubscribe page can be edited in the System Pages library (Administration > System Pages)

The User may want to review how to build a landing page by watching this video before proceeding. Once the design is complete, customize the webform where it asks the questions needed to be asked, providing the person the right options (using custom fields etc).

There are 2 required elements on the form needed:

  1. The first element is the unsubscribe element which must be on the form somewhere. **Please  note: It is checked by default and cannot be changed.
  2. The second required element this form must have is either a visible email address form element or a Hidden Email field. The user will drag either one of these elements onto the form.







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