Why Google Would Reject the Tracked Number in the AdWords Account

Why Google Would Reject the Tracked Number in the AdWords Account

To have a great experience when clients click on an ad, the ad destinations must offer unique value to users and be functional, useful, and easy to navigate. There are several reasons for Google to reject a tracked number in Ad Extensions, and some things to avoid include:

Destination Experience

  • Not allowed - Destinations or content that are unnecessarily difficult or frustrating to navigate  
  • Not allowed - Links that initiate a direct download from the ad or that lead to an email address or a file 
  • Not allowed - Destinations that contain abusive experiences. 

Insufficient original content

  • Not allowed - Destination content that is designed for the primary purpose of showing ads  
  • Not allowed - Destinations that are solely designed to send users elsewhere  
  • Not allowed - Using a parked domain as an ad destination 
  • Not allowed - Destinations that are incomprehensible or don’t make sense

 Destination mismatch

  • Not allowed - Ads that don't accurately reflect where the user is being directed  
  • Not allowed - A domain or domain extension in the display URL that doesn’t match the final and mobile URLs  
  • Not allowed - Failing to use a subdomain to clearly identify a site from all other sites hosted on that domain or from the parent domain  
  • Not allowed - Redirects from the final URL that take the user to a different domain 
  • Not allowed - Tracking templates that don’t lead to the same content as the final URL 

 Destination not working

  • Not allowed - Destinations that are not crawlable by Google Ads

App or web store policy violation

  • Not allowed - Destinations that violate their app or web store policies

Unacceptable URL

  • Not allowed - URLs that do not follow standard syntax
  • Not allowed - Using an IP address as the display URL
  • Not allowed - Display URLs that use unacceptable characters

Unrecognized app

  • Not allowed - Apps that cannot be recognized by Google

Unverified phone number

  • Not allowed - Phone numbers that haven’t been verified by Google

Unacceptable phone number

  • Not allowed - Phone numbers that are inaccurate, inactive, irrelevant, or that don't connect to the advertised company.
  • Not allowed - Fax numbers, premium numbers, or vanity numbers
  • Not allowed - Phone numbers that are not local or domestic for the country that are being targeted
  • Not allowed - Virtual phone number services or personal numbering

 Please Note: The most common issue incurred is when a User is trying to use a tracked toll free number in the ads, so a local/domestic number in the ads.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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