How to Update/Delete a User Login Account in Enquire MAP

How to Update/Delete a User Login Account in Enquire MAP

If the user has the appropriate account type (Agency Marketer or Corporate Marketer) and they have a login that has the permissions to allow for user account management, then the user can easily add manage the login accounts to Enquire MAP, or the Enquire MAP client account (sub-agencies).

The user administration is done in the account settings by navigating to Administration > Account Settings > Employees tab:


Two icons appear for each employee. If the employee does not have a User account, the icons will look like this

To add a new User account click the Person+

If the employee has a User account, then the icons will look like this:

To update/ manage/ delete a User account,  click the Person icon:

The next dialog box to appear looks like :

Depending on permissions, the above set of permissions will vary slightly. The Admin can only manage those permissions for which they have permission to edit. The Admin can delete the User account by clicking The Delete button.

In order to delete an employee and the employee's User account, the Admin can just delete the employee from Account Settings:


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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