How to add Users with Login Accounts in Enquire MAP

How to add Users with Login Accounts in Enquire MAP

The Company Admin knows the appropriate account type (Agency Marketer or Corporate Marketer) and has login credentials with permissions that enable them to facilitate user account management. Moreover, the Admin team can easily add new user login accounts within Enquire MAP. 


Agency Account Only

  1. Select the appropriate sub-agency account from the located top left hand corner toolbar 
  2. Navigate to AdministrationAccount SettingsEmployees
  3. Click Add Employee button to create the user/ employee contact.blobid2.jpg 
  4. The Admin has the appropriate permissions level to manage all User accounts, and the new User will no appear in the list of employees with the following icon  located on the far right of the screen:


  5. Click the icon with the '+'. This will create a user account.

    NOTE: Only Admin team can see the '+' to add the new user account and all individuals who cannot see the icon, do not have the credentials to add the user and will need to contact their Admin team for further assistance.

  6. Adding an employee to the account does not create a user login, therefore the Admin must select the appropriate access level for the user setup:                                                                                      
    Please note: With Agency Account only, consider selecting Dashboard Viewer as the permissions account client logins.

  7. Do not set their password as the new user will receive an email to confirm the account and another email to help them set their own password.

  8. Set the appropriate time zone for the new user' geographical location (I.E, New York EST, Colorado MST, California PST.)

  9. Click Save and the new user account will be created, triggering an email to be sent to the new User to confirm their new account. Once confirmed, the User will be sent another email to set up a password for the new account.

  10. The client user login domain is listed in the account administration page




Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.


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